Why Rudra?

Harmonious Development Of your Child’s Talents at Our School

Best CBSE School In Nashik

To develop a holistic personality within your child we’ve incorporated several co-scholastic activities into the curriculum By providing ample opportunity for the children to express themselves through debates, visual art competitions, elocution, drama, speech, and art contests – we help your child – display their talents through various inter-school and national level competitions. Life skills, physical education, and outbound programs are an integral part of the curriculum. Ample facilities are provided for sports and games through vast grounds and a wide range of sports equipment. Yoga and meditation along with martial arts training form a part of the curriculum. The school has also tied up with reputed organizations which offer expert guidance for budding sports stars of tomorrow.

School Focus On

Correlate textbook contents with practical knowledge/day-to-day life
Development of Self-Esteem
Induction of Responsibility and Morality
Harnessing of Academic Potential and Leadership Skills
Creating Critical, Analytical, and Independent Thinking
Education by Mentoring

Why Rudra?

Bagless school

Rudra practical school is the first best bagless CBSE school near Trimurti Chowk in Nashik. Our School provides a locker for each and every student hence students don’t have to carry all the books daily.

Practical Base Curriculum

Rudra School teaches every subject practically.  Rudra believes in teaching the students all concepts in a practical way so that they can apply their learning to real-life situations.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fun recreational activity but it offers many intrinsic benefits for children. Horse riding improves balance and motor coordination.

Abacus and Vedic Maths

It enhances and strengthens a child’s memory. It fosters a child’s inventiveness as well. It facilitates speedier calculating. A child’s understanding of the abacus is crucial for their general growth as well as their mathematical developmet

Robotics Lab

Robology is included in the curriculum. Stem education is essential in preparing students for innovation. Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills

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